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CLEAN INDIA REVOLUTION by Dr. Girish Bharadwaj and Mr. Vinodbabu

Updated: Nov 12, 2019


“Cleanliness is next to godliness”, said Mahatma Gandhi. Cleanliness has a cultural element in it. For most of us, it is habitual to keep ourselves physically clean. Our elders are very particular about it. It contributes to people’s overall health in society. Dirtiness, both personal and environmental, would invite dreadful diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Normally we dump the garbage on roadsides or drains near our houses. This heap of garbage becomes the breeding center of mosquitoes spreading the foul smell all over and thus polluting the atmosphere.

Mahatma Gandhi had a revolutionary vision of making India clean. Swachhata Mission is integrated with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan for realizing this laudable vision. To fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of a clean and hygienic India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a push to the nationwide movement of cleanliness. No littering of waste. We should keep our residential premises clean. That is the thing to be done by everyone on priority. As Narendra Modi puts it, “Na Gandagi Karenge, Na Karne Denge.” When he announced in 2014 that India would become free from open defecation by 2019, changing the behaviour of some 60 crore people who then defecated in the open was not easy. But today, just five years later, India is on the cusp of being rid of open defecation. Ambassadors of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan are busy encouraging common people to keep their surroundings clean.

For us, “Clean India Revolution” is an awareness programme where we take the mission to act individually on day-to-day basis. “Everyone clean everything everyday” is our signature statement. Again, it is not like waiting for a particular date for celebration of cleanliness. We will see that every individual involves himself/herself in cleanliness drive. He/she does it as a part of his/her duty. A hygienic society is a dream to be realized at the earliest, the inspiration for which should sprout from within.

Sadly enough, our education system has failed miserably to teach lessons of hygiene and sanitation to our growing children. A social responsibility as it is, cleanliness is a mindset and nothing else. We earnestly believe that the much needed behavioural change will occur in our people and pretty soon, they will sincerely engage themselves dutifully in keeping everything clean. Long live Mother Earth.

We have thought of introducing a couple of integrated maintenance models for regular upkeep of environmental sanitation. This is to individually guide the people to prepare themselves for cleanliness with greater self-esteem and confidence.