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Inspire Our Nature.


           Baba Amte, one of the prominent social reformers of India, said, “Unless you are inspired, you can’t inspire others. Unless you are moving, you can’t move others. Unless you are motivated, you can’t motivate others.” 


              Of course, we are moved and motivated and hence, got inspired to do whatever is needed and possible to bring about a significant change in a man’s life towards establishing a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth by preserving her abundant resources. We believed that change had to be effected at a personal level with inspirational motivation. 

              So there was no time to waste. A couple of like-minded people came together to form this organization. We named it “Inspire” and, as the word goes, our objective is to inspire people to save water, plant saplings and keep the surroundings clean and healthy.

          “Inspire” is a charitable organization established in 2016. It was registered under the Kerala Charitable Society Act. Since its inception, we have been in touch with people from all walks of life educating them on water conservation, forestation and environmental cleanliness. We shall sincerely work, day-in-day-out, to achieve our goal and complete our mission.